A technology-transformation approach that works

For executives looking for lessons in the wake of COVID-19, one has emerged clearly: every company needs to become a tech company. Whether it’s been the shift to online working, the spike in online demand, or the increase in cyber assaults, technology has emerged […]

What’s Missing in the Agile Approach

I’ve been in the business of coaching companies for a few decades, but only recently did I get into the business of research. Management ideas are nice ideas, but they’re just that. If you want to prove what actually drives financial results–and if you care about improving the lives of […]

The right approach to multilingual marketing strategy

“The customer is always right.” That business mantra highlights the importance of empathy and understanding the customer’s point of view. It isn’t just an emotional sentiment. However, the translated version of that phrase doesn’t have the same impact or meaning in different languages and cultures. For example, in France, they […]

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