Avocado and banana digital marketing strategy campaign launch

Horticulture is the leading foreign exchange earner in the country, earning over Ksh 153 Billion in 2021. Fruits accounted for over Ksh 17 billion Avocado earned Ksh.14.4 billion with banana exports earning over Ksh 3.6 million. These earnings have ranked Kenya 6th and 112th in the world for exports of avocado and […]

MARKETO Brings New Values To Modern Digital Marketing in 2022

The answer is actually molded in the question itself. Marketing has historically been considered as a creative and innovative profession, however, sometimes it is also weighed up as a kind of “fly-by-night”. Advertising products are usually launched to boast the creator’s and his brand’s so-called honorable missions and messages. Instead, […]

Elevate Commercial Real Estate Retail Marketing with Digital Platforms

By Angela Sweeney, executive director of Pylot™, a digital platform from Imaginuity Commercial real estate retail marketers today must navigate an increasingly complex marketing landscape. How can you identify the right tools and technologies necessary to scale your marketing presence efficiently across locations? Many people talk a good game about […]

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