How to Make a Barcode Inventory System: A Small Business Guide

Image source: Getty Images Inventory barcodes keep stock counts accurate and provide key data for inventory management performance metrics. The Ascent covers barcode inventory basics and the steps to set up your own system. When I worked part-time in a craft beer brewery taproom, the pouring beer part was never […]

Product Development Process: Step-by-Step Guide (2022)

Image source: Getty Images Developing a product for selling online requires a number of actions from the initial idea to the final product launch and marketing to its target audience. When Jeff Bezos started thinking about his business, he did a systematic analysis of all the economic sectors in order […]

Engagement Marketing: A 2022 Guide

Image source: Getty Images Engagement marketing humanizes your brand and helps it relate to your audience. It can shoot your online sales through the roof. Traditional interruption marketing is a thing of the past. Companies are no longer gravitating towards one-sided conversations with their audience. They now put a premium […]

5 Social Media Marketing Strategies: The Ultimate Guide

Social media marketing is the process of using social media platforms to promote your brand/generate sales for your goods and services. Social media outlook can be very complicated and confusing due to its huge demand. With millions of active social media users, it becomes essential for a business to maintain […]

Step by Step Guide to Treat Trading as a Business

Whether you are into foreign exchange trading or stock trading, it is always advised that you must treat trading as a business in order to be successful. It’s true that when you sit in front of your laptop and check all those price charts, it can be challenging to think […]

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