Why New Sales Managers Need More Training

Many companies don’t do enough to develop their sales managers. There are two main reasons. First, some sales leaders think (often wrongly) that because sales managers were once successful salespeople, they should be able to manage salespeople effectively just based on natural instinct. Second, some sales leaders believe in training […]

8 Behaviors of the World’s Best Managers

Story Highlights The world’s best managers share how to lead successfully and navigate change The manager plays a singular role in the life of an employee In nearly every dimension of business success, the manager makes the difference. From diversity and inclusion to productivity and retention, the […]

How to Create a Bonus Plan for Managers

I have written extensively on the topic of performance-based compensation. That work focuses on the technician and office staff. I am being asked more and more about bonus plans for managers. In this article, I will show you how to create a simple plan that is easy to manage and […]

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