Premarket stocks: The startup world is due for a reckoning

For years, young companies making big promises had binged on money from venture capitalists and other private investors while reporting huge losses. Now, the thinking went, that would have to change. It didn’t. Investors, flush with cash during the recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, kept looking for new places to […]

OpenSea, the world’s hottest NFT startup, gained 500,000 users in 1 year. Its founders went from broke to billionaires in that same time. Now they’re struggling to keep it from going off the rails.

In May 2019, more than 1,000 nerds, coders, and crypto-curious collectors gathered over three nights in New York City at a festival dedicated to digital art. Called the Contemporary and Digital Art Fair (CADAF), it showcased works from 60 artists at Lightbox, a futuristic event space in the Garment District […]

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