The Pitch Deck a Family-Care Startup Used to Secure $2.6 Million

  • Britt Riley is the cofounder of the Haven Collection, a daycare network with resources for parents.
  • She along with her two cofounders secured $2.6 million in seed funding in January 2022.
  • They plan to open five clubs this year. Here’s the pitch deck they used to get investors’ attention.

Rhode Island-based marketing and branding expert Britt Riley first thought of the idea for her company the Haven Collection — a growing network of Montessori-style daycare centers that also offer coworking and fitness benefits for parents — while awake one night at 3 a.m. trying to get her newborn and toddler back to sleep. Her work-life balance wasn’t balancing, she told Insider, and getting everyone in her family to work and daycare every day was stressful. She envisioned a new childcare model that put family first.

“I came to this because I was a working mom, I was all of these statistics. I lost sleep over it, lost 25% productivity, felt guilty, and I wasn’t doing anything well,” Riley said. “You don’t have to look very hard to see how much of a problem this is, and how desperately it needs to be improved.”

She decided to seek business strategy and instruction from Harvard Business School StartUp Partners, a program that connects entrepreneurs facing challenges with HBS alumni who have real-world experience to “crack the case” and put the startup on an accelerated path for growth. With her new partner and future cofounder of the Haven Collection, Morgan Everson, the pair invested more than $100,000 of their own savings to open their premier Coggeshall Club in Rhode Island in August 2019. 

headshot of Morgan Everson

Morgan Everson, cofounder of Haven Collection.

Courtesy of Morgan Everson

COVID-19 interrupted expansion plans and cut cash flow at an integral time, Riley said. A $150,000 federal Paycheck Protection Program loan and a convertible note, which is a popular method of turning short-term debt into equity, helped the fledgling business scrape by. Bringing on Christy Johnson as the third cofounder in 2020 after being introduced by mutual friends allowed them to renovate, fund, and open a second location in New Jersey in September 2021. The trio then secured $2.6 million in seed funding in January 2022, to which Johnson contributed in addition to three other investors, by pitching private equity firms nationwide. 

What is now the Haven Collection has grown 300% in revenue since 2019, Riley said, and is set to develop as many as five clubs in the next year thanks to a Series A funding round on the docket for this autumn.

Riley walked Insider through the pitch deck they used to get investors’ attention for both rounds, with slight adjustments from the first round.

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