Top 5 Use Cases for UC in Financial Services in 2022

With the threats of the pandemic placing significant strain on the economy, financial services companies are facing an ever-evolving series of challenges in 2022. Many of these companies are dealing with higher demand for support from nervous customers, while simultaneously trying to adapt to trends like hybrid work and new forms of investment. 

To survive in this complex landscape, companies in the financial services space need first to ensure they have the suitable communication landscape in place. With Unified Communications, financial services brands can empower agile teams to work more efficiently to counteract common challenges. 

Today, we will be looking at just some of the most significant use cases for bringing unified communications into the financial services space. 

  1. Enhancing and Personalising Client Experience

While excellent customer experience is in high demand in every industry, clients of financial services brands are unlikely to accept anything less than the best. 

When it comes to their money, people don’t have any room for mistakes. Your clients want exceptional quality service, delivered through various channels, and personalised to suit their needs. Deloitte identifies customer-centricity as one of the significant trends shaping today’s financial industry. Fortunately, UC could be the solution. 

Providing an all-in-one environment for communication and collaboration to your teams means they can better understand your customers, keep track of context, and even learn more about the client’s journey. With access to APIs and integrations that allow teams to connect their UCaaS system to tools like CRM software, teams can get better insight into individual customers. 

As UCaaS and CCaaS become increasingly intertwined, there’s an opportunity for businesses to create the ultimate cloud-based environment for both external and internal communication.

  1. Improved Compliance and Security

Thanks to an ever-increasing selection of risks and threats to financial assets, the financial services industry are heavily regulated. Today, financial institutions are under extreme scrutiny, so they need to handle information as safely as possible. 

Unified Communications tools reduce the number of disparate ecosystems IT teams and security professionals need to keep track of in today’s evolving landscape. This also lowers the number of potential critical failure points within the financial services business. With an all-in-one environment, it’s easier to implement policies and track compliance. 

Many Unified Communications solutions built specifically for the financial services industry also come with other security systems for absolute peace of mind. For instance, business leaders can control where data is stored for data sovereignty purposes and leverage innovative new concepts like AI biometric voice recognition for identity management.

All the while, UC ensures financial teams can document the correct information required to remain compliant with any auditing requests. 

  1. Unlock the Potential of Hybrid Work

Like many industries, the financial services sector has been significantly affected by the rise of the pandemic. The industry has had to deal with a rapid change in demand and customer expectations, but many companies are also adapting to changing needs of the workforce. 

The rise of hybrid work will allow financial services companies to embrace a more versatile team of professionals distributed around the world. However, to leverage the benefits of this new flexible workforce, companies first need the right UC solution. Unified Communications innovations in financial services will ensure businesses can keep their financial professionals connected and empowered wherever they are. 

Through UCaaS tools, financial services brands can create an all-in-one work hub for their teams, complete with productivity and collaborative tools. At the same time, solutions like SBCs and enhanced remote management ensure business leaders can keep track of their team’s compliance. 

  1. Discover the Benefits of Data Insights

The UC environment makes it easier for companies in the financial services space to align several communication tools and teams in one synchronised environment. While this helps to support better security and productivity, it can also provide more robust data insights. 

Financial services companies can use information about everything from call volume to client sentiment to power future decisions about how to grow the business. With access to ever-more intelligent analytics tools in the UC space, and the ability to collect more data at speed, business leaders can stay ahead of the curve and the competition.

UC solutions and analytics tools offer better insights about customers and their needs and employee performance and engagements. The right analytical tools can allow financial services companies to invest in employee well-being and satisfaction trends. Happier employees pave the way to more satisfied customers and better brand reputations. 

  1. Pave the Way for Innovation

The UCaaS and UC environments are rapidly transforming into the central hub of work for many companies, particularly as we move into a hybrid future. For financial services teams, embracing an innovative and scalable UC environment means it’s easier to create an agile workplace, ready to adapt to the latest trends and innovations as they happen.

For instance, many financial services companies will be paying close attention to conversations about Web 3.0 and the metaverse, mainly as they introduce opportunities for new economies. Already, many brands have invested in the cryptocurrency landscape and branched into discussions about NFTs and other metaverse concepts. 

Even if you’re not ready to explore the future of the embodied internet yet, the UC environment makes it easy to implement new tools and technologies at the click of a button. Through the cloud-based UCaaS environment, financial services companies can immediately provide everything from artificial intelligence assistants to real-time 5G mobile apps to their employees worldwide. 



Top 5 Use Cases for UC in Financial Services in 2022

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