What is a Content Marketing Matrix?

Content Matrix = a visual aid that helps in organizing your content.

Undoubtedly, content matrices are powerful tools to help develop a high-level marketing strategy and assess its execution.

So, what does a content matrix look like?

A content matrix looks like a scatter plot, which is used to map your existing marketing content onto a chart with two axes. The first axis helps to measure the place of conversion process a piece of content falls. On one end, you have the initial awareness stage and on the other, you need to make the final conversion.

The second axis measures the way a given piece of content is designed to resonate with your audience. On one side, you need to focus on the emotional approach, and on the other, you need to think from a purely rational perspective. When you put two of these together, you plot your existing content on the matrix. What you get is the visual breakdown of your content marketing funnel.

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Benefits of a Content matrix for your business

1. Helps to identify areas where content is needed

Content marketing matrix is a grid, which helps in organizing your content and describes its value in easy-to-read columns. With such a matrix, you can keep an eye on the content and identify the areas that need more effort. For instance, you may notice that there is a need for effective content at the after-sales stage.

2. To strengthen sales enablement

A content marketing matrix is designed only to tell you if the content you created is of the desired quality, and it is available at every stage of the buyer’s journey. The matrix moves as your leads move through their journey, and the matrix prevents these leads to stall at a particular stage due to the lack of any informative content.

3. To boost email marketing

With a precise content matrix, you can ensure that you have content that is encouraging your leads to sign in to your email list. This content matrix also helps to guide your lead nurturing through targeted email content and newsletters.

4. Generate new ideas

Content matrix is very useful to see what type of content was produced in the past and how to generate new ideas for future content.

Modern marketers use such a content matrix to improve their marketing and sales effort. As content is a foundation pillar of any digital marketing campaign, a content matrix boosts these efforts and ensures that the right content reaches the right person at the right time.

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Do we have any standard content matrix templates?

Well, there is no standard format of a content marketing matrix. Any simple matrix with four quadrants can be turned into a professional document over time. It is you, who can decide how many blocks, columns, or keywords your matrix will have. With this in mind, let us see some top tools and templates to help you get started.

1. Google Sheets

Let us start with the most obvious option – Google Sheets. Perhaps this is the easiest one too as it offers a good solution to create a detailed content matrix if you are looking for something simple without any flourishes.

Use Google Sheets to create columns like customer pain points, taking it forward with some solutions and shaping them into ideas for the new content.

2. Canva

If you want to work beyond a simple 2×2 matrix, it is time to explore Canva’s infographic templates. When you explore their page, you will find appealing pre-made designs, and you just need to feed your data with a few clicks. All the templates by Canva are easy to use, and they are too interactive to let go of.

3. Miro

As you reach here, it is time to take your content matrix to next level. Use Miro, which comes with a drag and drop editor to create a virtual board showing different sketches on it. Miro is loaded with pre-defined templates for planning, brainstorming, insight-gathering, and so on. The tool offers up to three content maps for free, so there is no excuse to shy away from this tool. Dozens of pre-set templates are there to cover up your content solutions.

So, it is time to put quality first and create more meaningful content using a content matrix. There are chances your competitors are already using it. Try some of the tools like the ones above to help deliver more structured and relevant content centered on actual customer needs.

We hope that you can think about the next steps now. Using a content matrix, you can produce content that encourages leads to join your mailing list or regular outreach.


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